St Dunstan’s Kindergarten


We employ a small number of teaching staff and assistants, as we believe that staff are an important part of the journey to school readiness for both the children and their families. We’re proud of our experienced and caring team, and their record of continuous service.

Michele Daniel, Director and Pre Prep Teacher

Michele is an extremely experienced four-year-old kindergarten teacher, and has worked within community kindergartens for her entire career. She believes that each child is on a journey with her from day one of first term, through to the last note sung in the Christmas concert. Michele has a particular interest in the visual arts, but believes that a good kindergarten program is well rounded, and focussed on school readiness.

Olenia Woodyatt, Three Year Old Kindergarten Teacher

Olenia is a very experienced kindergarten teacher with a passion for teaching young children.  She particularly enjoys creating play spaces that evoke a sense of exploration and wonder. Olenia has boundless energy to give to the children.

Trish Imbastaro, Kindergarten Assistant

Trish is our Assistant in Yellow Group.  Trish loves working with the three-year-olds, and delights in the conversations they share with her.

Gail Beech, Kindergarten Assistant

Gail has extensive experience working within kindergartens, and she assists with the four-year-old program. She particularly enjoys working with and encouraging the children as they create their artistic masterpieces.

Jenny van Haandel, Kindergarten Assistant

Jenny has extensive experience working with younger children, and she assists with the four-year-old kindergarten program. She particularly enjoys engaging with the children in conversation – which suits her naturally chatty nature perfectly!