St Dunstan’s Kindergarten


 We’ve compiled a list of the questions we’re most frequently asked here, along with their answers.

How old should my child be to start three year old kindergarten?

Your child must by three years of age by 31 January in the year in which you would like them to start the three year old kindergarten program. For example, to be eligible to attend the three year old program in 2015, your child must be three years of age by 31 January 2015.

How do I enrol my child?

Our kindergarten is not part of the Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme (BKCES), which means you need to apply directly to us if you’d like to enrol your child. To apply for a place, complete our ENROLMENT FORM and return it to us along with a non refundable application fee of $15. Once we receive your application, we’ll provide you with written acknowledgement, along with a receipt.

Then, we’ll contact you around July/August in the year before your child is due to commence the program to offer you a place. You’ll be given around 10 – 14 days to accept the offer and secure a place by paying the term one fee in full. Find out more about enrolment

Can I visit the kindergarten before I submit my enrolment application?

We welcome visits from families to our kindergarten. Simply contact us to arrange a time beforehand, and then come along and meet the teachers and view our facilities.

Why isn’t St Dunstan’s Anglican Kindergarten part of the BKCES?

Our kindergarten isn’t part of the Boroondara Kindergarten Central Enrolment Scheme (BKCES), which means you need to apply directly to us if you’d like to enrol your child. We’ve chosen to accept enrolments directly so that we have personal contact with our kindergarten families from the moment they apply. It also gives us more control over our enrolments.

What sort of involvement is expected from parents?

Our kindergarten is governed by a committee that is made up of volunteer parents, the kindergarten teachers and St Dunstan’s Anglican Church representatives. Parents who volunteer on the committee fill roles that are critical to the every day operation of the kindergarten including financial management, enrolment, payroll, fundraising and publicity. Parents are also welcome to volunteer to assist with their child’s kindergarten group for a few hours per term, and we expect kindergarten families to be represented at two Saturday working bees annually. There are also many other opportunities for families to be a part of their child’s journey through kindergarten including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day events, Grandparents Day, the art show (held every two years) and Christmas concerts.

What role does the Anglican Church play in the kindergarten?

Our kindergarten gets its name from a long standing association with the St Dunstans Anglican Church, and we lease our premises from the church. The children at our kindergarten benefit from the support of the church community, and are welcome, but not obliged, to engage in music and storytelling activities at the church at both Easter and Christmas each year. We are however, a non-denominational kindergarten and we welcome families from all cultures and religions.

Which primary schools do the kindergarten children go on to attend?

There are many primary schools in close proximity to our kindergarten, and the children go on to attend a range of schools including Hartwell Primary School, St Dominic’s Primary School, St Cecila’s Primary School, Camberwell South Primary School and Camberwell Primary School.